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The Pan-Media Group

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The Pan-Media Group maintains offices in seventeen nations around the globe, and has an international team of over two hundred media experts in almost every country in the world.

Pan-Media is a network of bi- and multi-lateral commercial contracts and the protocols that specify how to publish news stories over the Pan-Media Network. Because of its model of distributed authority and responsibility, the Pan-Media Group is beyond control or censorship by any state, corporation, or individual. Pan-Media is defined by its interconnections.

The Pan-Media Blog is one part of the Pan-Media Group’s presence on the World Wide Web. The blog allows associated media experts to file opinion pieces, journal articles, and as-it-happens news items in a single syndicated feed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

 Q  Who can post new items to this blog?
 A  Anyone can join this community, but only our established media experts can post or edit news items.

 Q  What's the difference between this blog and established Pan-Media news outlets such as your website or satellite TV channel?
 A  The Pan-Media blog is a more informal approach to news events. It is updated by our reporters and media experts inependently of editorial control, and news items posted will reflect the individual interests of our team members.

 Q  How often is this blog updated?
 A  That's entirely up to our team members!

 Q  Who can I contact in regards to a particular news item on the blog?
 A  Just leave a comment on the entry in question and we'll contact you shortly.