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Covert Military Action in Uruguay

Posted by sim_james on 2006.04.05 at 16:34
Current Location: Montevideo
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Allegations of covert U.S. military action in the República Oriental del Uruguay on Saturday have been strenuously denied by the Pentagon.

Confidential sources claim that the European Union has satellite images of U.S. forces entering Uruguay from the north and briefly making contact with the Uruguayan military before returning to the U.S.’s South American base. There is no indication of an armed conflict between the United States and Uruguay.

There are indications that persons of phenomenal ability, including Paragon (associated with Sarawak), Witness (associated with the Isle of Roses and the E.U.), and several other unidentified individuals, were present in Uruguay at the time that this military action was taking place.

A spokeswoman for the Isle of Roses has confirmed that Witness took three days from his current tour of New Albion to fly south to Uruguay, but insists that the trip was strictly diplomatic in nature. “Stories about Councillor West’s intervening in international affairs are as usual, greatly exaggerated,” she said, according to Reuters. “It’s yet another case of the myth overshadowing the man.”

A representative for the Office of the Defender of Sarawak could not be reached for comment.

The Pentagon maintains that U.S. military presence in South America does not overstep the bounds of the current Administration’s “Good Neighbours” foreign policy. The White House has issued a press release congratulating the new President of Uruguay on his unexpected win at the recent elections.

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